Thursday, May 3, 2012

Questions to Prepare you for the Interview

I had a vague idea on the type of questions I would get on my PT interview.

Based on reading up on those horrifying forums (horrifying because you read things like "I have a 3.6GPA, 1600 GRE, I got an interview at so-and-so, what about you?" on these forums), I figured they would ask me a bunch of behavioral questions like if I was applying for an entry-level position at a company. So I compiled a list of potential questions and practiced my answers. Yep, I stood in front of a mirror and answered these questions. I figured that the questions would be similar and it was a good idea to have my stories or experiences worked out.

1. Here is a scenario, you will be working as a member of a care team. As such teamwork is important to us and essential to success. Tell me about a time where you didn't get along with someone you had to worked with. What made it so difficult? How did you handle the situation?

2. List 5 traits that a successful physical therapist needs. From this list, which is your weakest trait?

3. What made you want to become a physiotherapist?

4. How have your experiences and education prepared you for PT school?

5. Tell me about a time when you had great difficulty communicating to a team mate? What did you do about this?

6. As a physiotherapist you will have to work with patients from all walks of life. Tell me about situation when you have had to consider a person’s culture when working with him/her. What were the considerations? What was the result of the interaction?

7. Give me an example of when a team member disagreed with your plan for a project. How did you handle this?

8. Not all patients cooperate when you are working with them. Describe a situation where you had to work with a uncooperative or even combative person. What did you do?

9. Why should we invite you to be a student at (name of school)?

10. If you could change the health care system in any way, what would you change?

For more questions, look at this awesome long list from Georgia Southern University.

For the real overachievers, here are more questions from California Polytechnic State University


I don't believe in winging it. There are 20-60 slots in each PT program and 600-1000 applicants - 3-10% chance of getting in. You can bet your rear that I practiced my facial expressions, punch lines, and sequence of my stories. You put the work into getting good grades and applying. Put the work into practicing for the interview.

Also, if you practice with a friend, he/she will point out all your annoying habits like nail biting. Give it a whirl!

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